Ceredwyn Alexander is the Chief Operating Officer for Bryan Alexander Consulting. She has been an EMT for ten years, is currently an EMT Instructor/Coordinator for the State of Vermont, fire department chaplain and service officer for the Town of Ripton.
 As an EMT she has done medical disaster aid work in Haiti after the earthquake and in the United States after Hurricanes Sandy and Irene. Prior to becoming an EMT she worked as a doula, a counselor for a women’s crisis center, and as a homeless shelter case manager.
 For the past ten years she has been quietly writing fanfiction and original fiction under the pen name Paganaidd. She likes to write about life as she has experienced it, in all its messy complexity.
 Currently she resides on her homestead in Vermont with her husband/business partner, her teenage son, and a menagerie of support animals.

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  1. Hi. I nominated you for a Liebster Award, a pass-it-along questions and answers blogger thing. Details here: https://myzania15.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/liebster-award-2/ 🙂


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