Night Draws In is currently available on NetGalley as an advanced reader copy. The reviews have been mixed. A couple of five star reviews and a couple of one star reviews and a couple in between.

The people who really liked it appear to like it for the same reason others DISLIKE it. That’s very interesting. It’s not really an easy story to pigeonhole.

It has magic, but the magic isn’t Harry Potter-esque flash.  There are gentle hints at romance, but its not a story that lends itself to pairings. The monsters are not orcs or trolls, but creatures from modern folklore. Our heroes aren’t standard heroes; the physical/social/mental challenges they come into the story with are complex and not magically fixable. The setting is the contemporary United States–places I’ve lived and places whose history I know something about.

I incorporate a lot of real folklore into my magical system. Black Eyed Children and the Hat Man haunt this first volume. Malevolent creatures that appear human at first glance, but as in the old fairy tales, always have a feature that tells of their true nature.

One of the very important things about these stories to me is that they are American (I am including the entire North American Continent, BTW). If you go with the assumption that magic is a Thing, then American magic is not going to look like any other magical system.  Just the sheer number of modern traditions and folklore guarantees that. To say nothing of the traditions that either existed here before the Europeans arrived, or the beliefs that those who fled their homelands, or who were dragged here in chains were able to preserve. These traditions are evident in any American city if you know where to look. Spiritualists, Kabbalists and Sufis haunt the edges of the Abrahamic religions. First Nation spiritual beliefs are alive and well, as are Hoodoo, Voodoo and Santeria. This is by no means an exhaustive list. In North America, you are just as likely to run into Koschei the Deathless as you are to find a Chupacapra nosing around in your trash.